Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Planning a Travel

If this is your first trip abroad then this is the list you should check out. Even if it is not and you have been travelling a lot this article will let you brush up on what not do while planning to travel. These silly and small mistakes can make your travel time horrendous and a headache to you.

  • We all do this that is over packing. We try to put clothes for every occasion that we can think of, due to which we end up hauling a big luggage bag from one place to another. Do mix and match and layering options so that you can pack light and don’t have to compromise on your style as well.
  • Know your mobile phone plans and how are they going to charge you data roaming fees. You can also get a local Sim once you get there or check for International plans with your service provider before you board your plane.
  • Connecting flights should be booked with ample amount of time in-between for you to de-board and board the connecting flight. If not done so you may end up rushing on a unfamiliar airport. There are several airports where you have to go through security to board a connecting flight as well.
  • Keep Local Cash Handy. As soon as you leave the airport you will be taking a cab or local transport which will take local ash. Get local cash from ATM at airport as it gives better exchange rates.
  • Credit Card companies should be informed beforehand about your foreign travel as they flag the transactions if are made from a foreign country considering them as fraudulent and may freeze your account.
  • Travel Insurance is a good option to consider as if your plans get cancelled due to some unforeseen reason you would not be losing the money also some of these cover emergency medical expenses as well.
  • Check all the visa requirements beforehand so that you can save time, money and all the trouble at the visa counter. It will ensure your overseas travel is smooth.
  • Don’t plan too many places or countries in one trip, this way you will be able to give time to each destination and enjoy the beauty that it has to offer, rather than running from one place to another. Rushing will lead to a strenuous and tiring experience.
  • Know your schedule beforehand, keep a copy in your handbag or purse so that you can reference check through it from time to time. You can also keep a scanned copy or digital copy of the same on your phone.
  • Use antitheft bags so that your valuables like cash, electronics etc. are secured from theft.

Keep these pointers in mind and avoid them so that you can plan a trip which is enjoyable and wonderful. If you plan these things beforehand you will be having a gala time and can relax and have fun on your vacation.